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Lesley K.

“The market in Vannes was a high point for me as was Carnac ( so glad I bought that cookie tin of the Breton woman hanging wash between the stones) and the boat trip in the gulf with the island stop. The Belon oysters and lunch at Jacky was really great…I still dream about the fish soup! Quimper was a fabulous stop I loved the pottery and the town too. Point Aven   I just loved it all.” Leslie K.

Susan G.


“Best trip ever! I loved everything we did, every place we went, every place I slept in, ate at, gawked at, walked around and up, and shopped.  When I told you I’d been in hundreds of Italian hill towns but had never seen one as beautiful as Roussillon, I meant it!  And that art cave show in Les Baux will stay with me forever.

Randy L.

“Your tour through Provence was simply outstanding in every way.  I love the way you mix our activities with plenty of free time to relax and explore on our own.  Our hotel in St. Remy was so beautiful and peaceful.  Their fabulous breakfast really set us up for a great day.  I also loved the option of eating breakfast outside in the beautiful gardens.  I learned so much at the archeological site.  And our tour guide was so charming and knowledgeable.  The magnificent views from the hill towns took my breath away.  And I love how you surprised us with the stunning and very moving Klimt exhibit projected onto surfaces of a cave.  To visit in Chef Yvon’s home and learn from and laugh with him, was truly one of the highlights.  Oh, and I can’t forget our visit to Fragonard.  How cool to learn how perfume is made and shop in their factory store.  It made me feel so special. Please know that this was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken.  I’ve never been on a tour before, but yours felt more like traveling with some friends.  I can’t wait to travel with you again!!!”

 Ben & Barbara

“I honestly think about our trip every day.  These photos were fantastic!  I was so happy to see the ones that included group members.  This was the best vacation we’ve ever taken.  The beauty of France was, of course, breathtaking.  But your inspired & gifted organizing and selecting what to do & when to do it made it so much more than anything we could ever  have done on our own.  I have high hopes of seeing you there again.”  Ben & Barbara S.– GA

Peter & Ellen

“We have so enjoyed our trip with you and the group! We want to travel with you again. Just LOVED the video–what a wonderful gift on a hot, muggy Friday morning in Connecticut. Made us realize the impact you have had on our travel experiences.  We just love France and never would have seen it as we have without having met you. We look back on this trip with such fondness.  We forgot all our concerns and worries and enjoyed every minute of it! I know that we will be touring with you again–cannot wait to see you on another French adventure! Thank you!” Peter & Ellen D.  – CT

Elena & Dave

“THANK YOU for the wonderful, amazing, and fun tour!  Dave and I had such a great time!  I think this tour topped them all for me (although they’ve all been amazing in
their own way).   Everything you planned for us was so much fun – memories I will treasure forever.” Elena & Dave M. – MD

Susan & Mark

“We both want to tell you again what a WONDERFUL time we had.  It was even better than our most optimistic projections. THE BEST VACATION EVER!  I’ve been telling everyone I see that if they ever want to go to Provence, your tour is the only way to go.  I hope the Mas des Carassins continues to be part of your tours so that future travelers can experience the pampering we did.  We’re afraid we’ll never find another tour that even comes close.” Susan & Mark W. – MA

Jim S.

“I want you to know I had a spectacular time. The group was very fun, the food was awesome, people so very friendly…I cannot say enough. But more than that, you are a wonderful tour
guide, Carol. The relaxed atmosphere, your calm demeanor and excitement over everything France was infectious within our group.”

Al & Joan

“We are still reminiscing about those 10 dreamy days in Languedoc.  So many exquisite, novel and delightful experiences, thank you.  The planning and thought that went into our tour was so evident and so appreciated! So many memories of another amazing tour.  Cannot not imagine how you do it and have all go perfectly as it certainly did seem to us! For an encore, lets all just revel in our memories. You are a special person, Carol.” Al & Joan S. – NY

Gary & Donna

“My wife, Donna, and I have been on all four tours with Carol and have very much enjoyed each of them.  We started with the Provence trip in 2013 and liked it so much we went the next year on the trip to Languedoc, and the next year to Annecy.  Then, after a one-year wait for Carol to develop her Brittany trip, we went on it too in June. We thoroughly enjoyed everything! –  lovely places, lovely people.  When Gary & I returned home, we were happy to be home again, but we both have a sense of wishing we could “beam over” for another few days.  We have spread the word about your wonderful company among our friends. Our Best of France trip will always be one of our favorite memories” Gary & Donna D. – SC

Jeff & Yanira

“Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, and love of South France with us. We truly enjoyed being with you and everyone on this trip. What stands out about your tour is the fact we were not rushed from place to place, and we were given the time to enjoy all the sights and sounds of Provence and the Cote de Azur. We also loved the food at the hotel, as well as in all the towns we visited. Regards, Jeff and Yanira – CA”

Sue & Frank

“My husband and I have traveled with Best of France Travels on 4 trips in the past.  We are scheduled to add to this list, tour number 5, by going on her October tour of the Languedoc region.  I guess that sums up how much we like going with Carol on her tours.  She picks great places to take you that honestly you probably wouldn’t find without her.  Carol introduced us to each region by picking so many different types of places to see and things to do.  I highly recommend Best of France Travels.” Sue & Frank S. – MD

Elliot W.

“I want to thank you for a wonderful vacation. I love your tours because you go to places I would have never gone to on my own. Love all the little towns, amazing food and nice people. The South of France is just awesome!” Elliot W. – CA

Gail S.

“We all had such a wonderful time, it’s still hard to deal with the realty of being home! As I tell people of my experiences in France, they are in awe as well! Even people that have been there, seem pretty jealous of the tour and variety of interests that you covered with this trip! You can never be sure of weather or the group of folks, but they were perfect as well! We made new friends to go with our new adventures! I hope to return to France again! Only problem will be deciding which of your tours to take! Merci beaucoup!” Gail S. – NY

Kelly & Janet

“What a fun group!!!!! You did a fantastic job of planning and carrying out an interesting and enjoyable tour. As always!! Again, we enjoyed your tour so very much.  Could not have had better people or agenda. My daughter noticed on all my Facebook entries with pictures that every place we visited on the tour I would say “I could live here.”  I like them that much!!” Kelly & Janet W. – FL

Diane S.

“Once again, thank you so much for a fantastic tour of Provence. Your personal touch made this trip especially memorable. We couldn’t have been more pleased—wonderful tour guides, interesting places, fun times, fabulous wine (and more wine!) and incredible weather—perfect!” Diane S. – MA

Linda F.

“Hi mon amie!  We thank you very much for the lovely trip you so artfully curated for us.  With child-like glee, we were excited to see every day unfold and we indeed were like children …
happy, carefree and eager to follow wherever you led.  So much fun! You certainly offered us a varied and well-paced adventure and definitely shared with us & “the Best of France”.  Everyone without exception was immensely pleased with our tour.  We will have the fabulous memories always.” Linda F. – MD

Christina B.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Provence tour.  You are an absolutely great tour leader, going the extra mile seeing to it that your tour patrons experience the true flavor of the French lifestyle, food and history.  I’m still thinking about what I would be doing if I were still there and thinking how wonderful it was to eat “fresh”  food and bread everyday and deserts that I normally don’t.
THANK YOU!  I hope to be able to join you again sometime in the future for the Languedoc tour. ” Christina B. – NYC

Nancy & Barb

“I know that you must have to do a lot of work behind the scenes to make the trip so enjoyable, and you do it so effortlessly, I felt like I was traveling with a long-time friend. Thank you for making every part of the trip – down to the last detail – enjoyable and fun, and memorable. At the moment I can’t think of a thing I’d do differently – it was everything I had hoped it would be.This experience was so delightfully French (good thing!) and I never tire of thinking back on our magical times with the countryside, the French people and our wonderful group. I say to all who will listen to me go on and on, that you put together the most enjoyable trip — the sights you chose to show us, the pace of each day (time to tour and time for ourselves), the enchanting place where we stayed and the scrumptious food.  It was an unforgettable journey and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart.  The other thing I say is that the scent of lavender was everywhere. It seduced me (and probably everyone) into falling in love with Provence. I hope to travel with you again.  Love and hugs.” Nancy & Barbie M.

Evie & Dave

“Thank you, Carol, for creating such a wonderful memory of our fun but also educational trip.  I don’t know how you find the time to do all that you do!  Please know that we all appreciate all the personal touches you do for your guests.  I am calling us guests rather than clients because that is how we feel.” Evie & Dave S.

Julie M.

“All that you said came true… from the wonderful warm weather, the sites of Nice, the spectacular scenery of Provence, the hospitable and extremely generous people of the region, not to mention the food and wine… All of this is not possible unless there is efficient and effective coordination on your side…and this was self-evident. There will be “a next time” and my husband will join me in celebrating my return to perhaps another region in France. Many thanks again for a most enjoyable 10 days. – Julie M. – CA

“We talk about our trip to Southern France with you often, and have such wonderful
memories….so, so relaxing with gorgeous sites, beautiful hotels, incredible food and ….let’s not forget the best wine ever (of course).  We are more than grateful for that experience and can never thank you enough for making it totally unique.” Nina and John W. – Springfield, IL


We have taken three tours with Best of France Travels and have enjoyed each immensely. Carol stays and travels with the group. It’s very relaxed and our groups have had a comfortable, friendly air. Not too much bus time, lots of interesting places to see. Really, enough activity to enjoy and relax, but not too much to overpower or bore. Carol had us shopping in pairs for picnic foods, and then enjoying a picnic at a beautiful spot. We’ve enjoyed the markets and my wife has cornered the market on tablecloths in several Provence towns.  Carol is friendly, responsible, knowledgeable and competent. We’ve enjoyed being with her and traveling with her. As I said, we’ve been on three tours with her and look forward to more. Bob and Barb O. – Potomac, MD


“Thanks for the best vacation EVER! I am looking forward to more trips with Best of France”.  Sally D. – Portland, OR


“Fabulous – I’ve always wanted to visit Provence, so thrilled to do it with you!” Denise A. – Baton Rouge, LA


My wife and I were on the September 2007 trip with Best of France Travels. It was our first trip to Europe. Before the trip, Carol sent us reference materials and lots of helpful tips on such things as what to pack and not to pack, which airlines had given her good service, travel insurance and local customs. Most days we would take an excursion to some picturesque location where we were given a short history of the place and some ideas about “must see” things. Since everyone on the tour had different priorities, some were there for the art, some there for the food and wine and others for the history, we each would spend a few hours exploring before meeting back at the bus and sharing what each other had seen or done. The nice thing was, if you wanted to walk around all day and look in shops or galleries, you could. But, if you wanted to just wander a bit and then sit in a café and people watch, you could do that as well. Carol did a wonderful job of planning each day’s activities so that there was plenty to do and also plenty of time to just relax. Most people ask, “Would you do it again”?  Absolutely! – Dan & Mary Dennis


“Looking forward to the next trip with you! So much fun.” Michael Anne P. – Baton Rouge, LA


Thanks so much for making this trip our best vacation ever! It was outstanding!  So much more than we expected- will do it again. Mike and Jane P. – Frederick, MD


I want you to know your flexibility in accommodating our travel idiosyncrasies truly made it possible for us to go.  For all of this and much more you have our deep gratitude and complements for a wonderful job well done. Pete B. – Frederick, MD


It was a wonderful trip.  Carol does such a wonderful job of combining cerebral and physical activity, great food and wine and friendship.  She can create an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation while challenging us.  You worked some magic on us, Carol.  Thank you! Barbara and Gary A. – Baltimore, MD


The Best of France Travels tour of the south of France was the most wonderful vacation I have taken in years.  Carol was an outstanding guide and there wasn’t one single thing I can think of that I would have like to have done that she didn’t already have planned. Lori M. – Sarasota, FL


Merci, Merci, Merci!!! I felt like a little kid exploring new and beautiful places…just when you thought it couldn’t get any better..it did! Stephanie and I totally enjoyed the journey! Love the comfortable feeling we had sharing the experiences with everyone…lots of smiles!!! Special thanks for a memorable trip! Excellent job!!! Forrest V. – New Jersey


“I’ll be back!” Jo Ellen K. – Baton Rouge, LA

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