2019-2020 Tour Dates & Tour Prices

All tours are nine nights and nine full days!

Our tours are only $3995 per person in double occupancy!

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Cité de Carcassonne - Aude

October 7-16, 2019  – Full 

October 5-14, 2020 – Book Now

$3995pp Double Occupancy.

14 Person Limit.

$600 Single Supplement.

Travel with us for an incredible 9 day, 9 night vacation holiday in the beautiful, undiscovered region of Southwest France. Explore the tiny villages and the contrasting landscape of plains and mountain ranges of the largest wine region in the world! You will fall in love with the blue and gold of the Mediterranean sea and sands, the green of the pines, hills and valleys of the Montagne Noire, yellow sunflower fields, the white snow-capped Pyrenees, and the red and purple vineyards at harvest time. Best of France Travels will ensure you will experience Nine amazing days in Southwest France!

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Magnificent French Alps

Medieval castle on the canal in the French city of Annecy resort. Department of Upper Savoy. France.

June 21-30, 2019  – Full

Sept 4-13, 2020 – Full

$3995pp Double Occupancy.

14 Person Limit.

$500 Single Supplement. 

Enjoy the Best of France with an incredible tour of the Magnificent French Alps! This 9 full day, 9 night vacation holiday includes the town of Annecy, which is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Explore the villages, visit castles, taste the regional specialties, and be amazed by the natural wonders in this region. Be enchanted by the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains with tiny villages nestled between, lakeside resorts, ancient castles, and mountain chalets while cruising on the cleanest lake in all of Europe! This is a trip of a lifetime!

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Provence & the Riviera

azure coast of France - panoramic view of Nice

Sept 22-Oct 1, 2019  –  Full

Sept 18-27, 2020  – Book Now

$3995pp Double Occupancy.

14 Person Limit.

$700 Single Supplement.

Immerse yourself in the culture during 9 full days of luxurious travel in the South of France with Best of France Travels!  September is the perfect season to travel to Provence and the Riviera. The weather is warm and sunny. School is back in session, so it is not crowded with vacationers and tourists! The skies are clear and blue and there are still lots of beautiful flowers. The vineyards are starting to turn autumn colors and the air is fresh. Enjoy 9 days of fun, relaxation, authentic French cuisine, and regional wines in a luxurious setting.

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Secrets of Brittany

The walls of the ancient town and the gardens in Vannes. Brittany Northern France.

May 28 – June 6, 2019  – Full 

June 2-11, 2020 –  Book Now

$3995pp Double Occupancy.

14 Person Limit

$400 Single Supplement.

Experience this incredible tour of Southern Brittany & the Golfe du Morbihan! Begin your nine day adventure in Nantes to experience the most beautiful villages and coastal towns in Brittany and sample the regional specialties at the finest restaurants. Enjoy daily excursions to explore the most quintessential Breton villages and towns: Quimper, Locronan, Concarneau, and Pont Aven (Monet and others were inspired to paint this beautiful region). Each town and village is a unique example of this region’s fascinating culture and history.

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